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I’m liking Django less and less… August 7, 2012

Posted by PythonGuy in Django.

Every day that I write things in Django is another day I promise myself never to write anything like Django, ever.

Folks! Wake up and smell the coffee! Your job as a programmer is not to just get things to work, but to build a solid foundation where future projects can work as well.

If you’re writing monolithic apps with no reusable parts, you’re doing it wrong. If you see something out in the wild you like but you are compelled to replicate it because your environment simply doesn’t work in the real world, you’re doing it wrong.



1. Carl - November 30, 2013

So what do you recommend?

2. kiney - November 26, 2014

I really like those microframeworks (especially bottle.py)… you should give them a try.


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