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I work as a web developer for an internet company you’ve probably heard of. I spend a lot of time in HTML, Javascript, and working with the backend, all the way up to the database.

In my spare time, I am writing Python and working with PostgreSQL. I run Linux exclusively at home.

My current interests are PyQt / PySide, PyOpenGL, and Javascript frameworks.



1. Troy - July 2, 2010

I am learning Python. I have done some things I think are pretty cool. I was converting something from vbs to Python and am stuck. Would it be possible to email you what I have for you to take a look at?

2. python_lover - January 25, 2016

Just wondering what you thought of Ruby.

I learned Python in my last job. It’s not perfect, but it’s a very nice language, very readable, easy to maintain, easy to get the job done quickly, etc.

At my new job, they use Ruby on Rails, and it seems like a lot of backend stuff is also in Ruby, so of course I started learning Ruby. Wow…what a goddamn ugly language. First, there’s the Perl legacy, which is awful in itself, but really makes you wonder about the taste of the language creators. Second, there’s a ton of stuff to learn that seems to be there to make the language more expressive (and is also informed by Perl’s TMTOWTDI, which I always thought was an idiotic philosophy when it came to language design) but AFAICT makes the language spec that much larger without really making it _that_ much nicer/faster/more convenient.


3. vivekanandgautam - October 21, 2016

Hi ,

I have seen your blog and it contains some good articles on Python. I am having a blog on Java which is having good reader base and these days i am getting request to add content on python. As i dont have any expertise in this area i cant do that. So would like to know if you would be interested in sharing your knowledge about python with my blogs reader base by writing articles on it.
Please reply to mail id directly.


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