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From 0 to Awesome: SQLAlchemy part II January 1, 2008

Posted by PythonGuy in Advanced Python, From 0 to Awesome, Python, SQLAlchemy.
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Last time, we talked about what relational databases were and what tables were. We also looked into a short SQLAlchemy script that created tables, added, modified, and deleted rows, and queried the data.

Today, I am going to talk a bit more theoretically about data. (more…)

From 0 to Awesome: SQLAlchemy part 1 December 31, 2007

Posted by PythonGuy in From 0 to Awesome, SQLAlchemy.

I wanted to try and run a series on SQLAlchemy and databases in general. This is the first post of my new series From 0 to Awesome. I hope to have another series as time permits.

First things first: What is a database and why do you care? (more…)