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Why I Choose Python over Node.js May 27, 2015

Posted by PythonGuy in Javascript, Node.js.
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I’ve been reading about Node.js. It seems pretty cool. Certainly, the allure of writing Javascript on both the front end and back end of a webservice is enticing.

Using Google’s v8 engine, it looks even more enticing. Google’s engine makes javascript very, very fast!

But then I am reminded of some things.

First, Python is so much fun to program in.

Second, I really hate Javascript.

Third, Python has SQLAlchemy.

That pretty much seals the deal for me. I mean, whenever I do database work, I want to have SQLAlchemy available to me. I can’t live without it. Well, I can, but I get frustrated and end up throwing things when I realize how much easier life is with SQLAlchemy.

To really understand what I am saying, consider this snippet: https://gist.github.com/cgbystrom/724208

Do you really want to write that much code in that convoluted manner when you can just write Python and get it done? I mean, if all you know is Javascript, it doesn’t look too bad, but when you know Python, you have to bite your tongue just to get the work done.

Python’s community has revolved around the idea that there is one way to do it right. And the right way is to make life as easy as possible for the developer. We take all of the great ideas out there and put them together into a cohesive whole. Then we have so much fun coding in Python that we end up with a zillion different alternatives.

PyPI is making tremendous improvements. Nowadays, it is a viable alternative in many cases. LLVM is also exciting. Sure, Python programmers aren’t really pouring their resources into making Python beat Google’s v8 engine. But it’s not hard to understand why: Programming in python is just too much fun.